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"I'm here to help providers maximize the quality of patient care and the success of their business. Because yes, you got into this to do both."

Christine Meyer, MD

Award-winning Internal Medicine Physician

Founder and Owner, Largest Independently Owned Primary Care Practice in Chester County, Pennsylvania

Improve outcomes.
Empower physicians.

with Christine Meyer, MD

Physician Network Consulting

Value-based care advising for networks of physicians including Chief Medical Officers, Chief Quality Officers, and other VBC Leaders nationwide


Drive success.


"As a primary care founder, I understand the challenges facing today's doctors. For the past five years, my practice has consistently performed in the top 5% across value-based care contracts. My proven processes optimize patient outcomes and reduce spending."

Christine Meyer, MD

Internal Medicine Physician

Founder and Owner, Christine Meyer, MD and Associates

Why Value-Based

Physicians are facing:

Networks are seeing:

  • Burdensome administrative tasks like prior-auths, referrals, and EHR documentation they do not have the resources to delegate

  • Rising costs against stagnant or shrinking revenue streams

  • Lower-than-ever rates of patient compliance and employee retention

  • Reduced patient satisfaction

  • Increased physician burn out

  • Increased utilization of acute care via EDs and inpatient stays

  • Lack of care coordination between specialists and PCPs 

The future is value-based.

Value-based care leads to better care for patients, and higher revenue for doctors. The future of healthcare will not only include value-based care — it depends on it.

In a practice optimized for value-based care:

More time is spent caring for patients. (Translation: Love medicine again!)

In value-based care, revenues are driven by outcomes, not by quantity of patients seen. A satisfying difference is felt across the practice: patients are more satisfied, engaged, and compliant, and employee morale and staff retention improves.

Documentation is everyone's job.

Teams leverage all of their strengths, and everyone participates in goals and benefits from incentives.

Providers shoulder less of the administrative burden alone. Teams have a greater sense of pride in their work and have opportunities to innovate.

Utilizations are balanced and patient outcomes improve.

Primary care providers have stronger relationships with patients, which translate to more effective and appropriate uses of EDs and specialists. 

Revenue potential is realized. 

When benchmarks are met, practices have the financial resources to reinvest in innovative responses to ever-changing patient needs. The daily race transforms into a cycle of effectiveness with regular wins.


Dr. Christine Meyer has built an $8M practice that consistently outperforms 95% of network practices within Value-Based Contracts.

She now works with value-based care (VBC) leaders to improve physician engagement and network performance through:

Virtual and on-site management advising

Dr. Meyer will analyze patient and system data, improve workflows, look for missed opportunities, and identify solutions to drive results.

Keynote speaking and panel appearances

Dr. Meyer can provide big-picture vision for teams and networks, shaping leadership mindsets that can be a catalyst for change.

Trainings and Q&A Sessions

Dr. Meyer's decades of practice management and direct patient experience translates to instant credibility with frontline workers in medical practices.


About Dr. Christine Meyer



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Dr. Christine Meyer was born and raised in New Jersey to her first-generation Egyptian parents. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Rutgers University then went on to earn her Medical Degree from Hahnemann University School of Medicine (now Drexel University). Dr. Meyer then completed her Internal Medicine Residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

It was on the first day of medical school orientation, August 9, 1993, that she first met Dr. Christopher Meyer. The Meyers have been married for over twenty-five years. On December 13, 2004, the Meyers realized their life-long dream to have a medical practice together, and CMMD and Associates and Healthy Steps Pediatrics first welcomed patients in Exton.

The Meyers reside in Downingtown. They have three children. Maisy is currently in medical school at Mt. Sinai in NYC. Sam is a mechanical engineering major at Temple. Hadley is a student at Downingtown East High School.

When she is not treating patients and managing the practice, Dr. Meyer enjoys spending time at the beach, running, cooking and writing. Her most recent passion has been the development of Tell Me More, a new podcast in which she and her guests strive to improve medical care through the analysis of patient-provider communication.


Optimize your physician network for value-based care.

Dr. Christine Meyer provides consulting and coaching to Chief Medical Officers, Chief Quality Officers, and other VBC network leaders.


Work with Dr. Meyer to improve your:

Physician Engagement

Network Performance

Patient Outcomes

Spending & Revenue

Protocols & Policies

Get Started

Christine Meyer, MD Coaching and Consulting

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Christine Meyer, MD & Associates

750 W. Lincoln Hwy, The Commons at Oaklands

Exton, PA  19341

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