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Care Teams

Care Teams is our unique approach to providers working together. Each of our MDs is paired with a PA-C or CRNP (including one with after-hours appointments). When the MD is booked or out of the office, patients can be seen by the PA-C or CRNP on their Care Team. These teams will also cover results and refills during vacations. Whenever possible, both Care Team providers will be in the same office to facilitate "quick looks" on special cases.

We hope you have begun to identify with your doctor and your doctor's CRNP or PA-C this past year! Our current care team pairings are as follows:

Dr. Kim Sabadish

Melissa Bradley

Dr. Joan McFadden

Pam Conner

Kara Costanzo

Dr. Christine Meyer

Kate Harlow

Dr. Meghan Belamorich

Amy O'Grady

Lisa Murphy

We look forward to seeing you as a team and continuing to provide you outstanding care. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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