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Address & Directions

Main Office and Mailing Address:

750 W Lincoln Hwy

The Commons at Oaklands

Exton, PA 19341

Second Office: 676 W Lincoln Hwy

The Commons at Oaklands

Exton, PA 19341


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By Phone & Fax

Main Phone: (610) 363-0100

Emergencies: Dial 9-1-1

Regular Office Hours:

Monday–Friday 7:00am–8:00pm

Saturday & Sunday, 8:00am–4:00pm


Text Line:  (484) 729-9528

Texting Hours: 

Monday–Friday 7:00am–4:00pm

Read more about texting with us >

Fax:  (610) 363-3923

After Hours: Please still call the office; our recording will give you the on-call provider's number.

Message a Provider

Providers can be contacted securely through a Patient Portal Message.


Log In to the Patient Portal >

Please note: Portal messages should never be used for urgent matters. If you are sick or need assistance same-day, please call our office.

I need:


Same-Day Appointments

are held in reserve each day for sick patients. Do not use email or portal messages if you are sick, as they are not checked regularly; call or text us to schedule an appointment right away.

Be sure to bring your current insurance card and a method of payment (cash or credit card) for your copay.

(610) 363-0100 x302

For this matter, a phone call is essential to ensure an appointment is scheduled quickly. Please do not use email or the patient portal, as these are NOT checked for appointment requests.

During our texting hours of Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, text SICK to 484-729-9528 and our team will respond within 1 hour to schedule a sick visit. If you need to speak with someone urgently, call the office.


Well Visits

Well visits include annual physicals, a routine gynecological visit, sports/college/driver physicals, or any regular appointment to manage a chronic condition / non-acute symptoms. Please call our office and follow the menu prompts to schedule.

Note: All patients MUST bring to their appointment their current insurance card and a method of payment (cash or credit card) for their copay, or the appointment may need to be rescheduled.

New Patients: Welcome!

Get started here >

(610) 363-0100

Current Patients:

For this matter, a phone call or text is best. Please do not request an appointment via the patient portal (we do not use this feature).


During the hours of Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, we can also schedule well visits via text message. Text your request to 484-729-9528 and our team will respond within 24 hours. Texting is not fully secure and standard messaging rates apply; read more here >


For this matter, a portal request is best.

Refill requests must come directly from your pharmacy. Please call your pharmacy and ask that they submit an electronic request, or you may process your refill using your patient portal account (see steps below). Allow 48 hours for your request to be processed. Submit your request early in the day, and early in the week. Requests received after 3:00pm will not be addressed until the next business day, and may take up to 48 hours for completion. Read more about our refills policy >

To ask a question or check the status of a refill, please email

or call (610) 363-0100.


To request a refill through the patient portal:

  • Log in to your account on the Patient Portal >

  • Click on the "Medications" tab across the top of the page.

  • Click on the "Request Refills" button, either at the top of the page or individually beneath the specific medication you need.

  • Choose how you would like to receive your refills, and follow the on-screen buttons to review your request.

  • Click "Submit" to finalize your request.

Please note that we are unable to call in or authorize refills of controlled medications after hours or on weekends. Due to tightened DEA regulations, medications such as narcotics, anti-anxiety medications, and ADD medicines will only be refilled Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Please check your medication quantities carefully before the end of the week. Please note that if you are on a controlled substance for ADD (Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse, Concerta, Focalin and others) you MUST be seen at least every THREE months in order for refills to be authorized.


For this matter, a portal request is best.

See us first! Our see-us-first policy is designed to save you time and money. We can often diagnose and treat conditions right here in our office, where a specialist's co-pay may be higher and the appointment may take longer to schedule. We can also save you a visit to the wrong specialist (this happens all the time!) and point you to a specialist who has an excellent reputation of care. Make an appointment here and let us guide you!

To be referred to a specialist, it is our policy that patients must be current on their PCP follow-up visits before we can renew specialist referrals. In general, this means you must have been seen in our office for your medical condition within the past year or less. For new referrals or new medical concerns, patients must see their Primary Care Physician to determine if further evaluation by a specialist is needed before issuing a new referral. Exceptions to this rule are ob/gyn and oncology appointments. 

Note: We do not routinely refer to chiropractors. Not all chiropractic treatment options are FDA approved or recommended by us, therefore we ask that, for your best health and safety, you see your CMMD & Associates provider before any chiropractic referrals can be authorized


To request a referral:


  • Log in to your account on the Patient Portal >

  • Click on "Your Menu" on the upper left hand side, and select "Request Referral/Pre-cert".

  • Choose the provider who will be authorizing the request (should be the PCP you selected as your primary provider)

  • Fill in the name of the specialist (First and Last) and their specialty (e.g., dermatology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, etcetera)

  • Fill in the reason that you are seeing a specialist (e.g. glaucoma, hyperthyroidism, fracture, etc.); please be as specific as possible.

  • Use the comments box to provide additional details requested (including your insurance plan and ID number, address and fax of the specialist, the date of your appointment (if scheduled), and procedure or diagnosis code, if needed)

  • Click "Send" to submit your request.

Once the referral has been submitted, it will be routed directly to your provider for approval, then routed to our referral specialist. Please allow up to 48 hours for processing. The specialist's office will receive the referral electronically through the Navinet insurance system.

Patients can also call (610) 363-0100 #315 to reach our referrals specialist.




For this matter, the online patient portal is best.

Some medications must be pre-authorized for insurance coverage.

Please use our secure Patient Portal to send a General Portal Message to your provider, including your prior authorization request and any supporting information. 

Note that these requests can take 48-72 hours due to communication with an insurance company; we will contact you as soon as we have an update, but feel free to follow up in your patient portal or with a phone call.


Contact Your Provider

We love to hear from you!

All practitioners at our office welcome you to send them a secure Patient Portal message for non-urgent communication about your care, keeping in mind that:

  • We respond to messages during the course of our normal workday.

  • We do our best to respond to all messages within 48 hours. If you need an answer faster, a portal message may not be the best method; please call the office.

  • If your message goes unanswered for more than 48 hours, please call the office; it may not have been successfully delivered.

Office Management Contacts:


Clare Nanacasse (Office Manager)

Judy Platt (Patient Care Coordinator)

Lauren Marohn (Patient Care Coordinator)

Sue Carroll (Business Operations Manager)

Kelly Watson (Quality Care Coordinator)

Provider Email Addresses:

For matters that do not relate to medical matters, such as feedback or questions about appointments, we welcome your emails. (Note: Discussions about personal medical information should be reserved for secure Patient Portal messages instead. Email is not a HIPAA-secure form of communication. Thanks!)

Christine Meyer, MD:

Christine is the founder and owner of the practice. Not only can her patients email her, but any patient can email Christine directly to discuss their care, the practice, and any patient dissatisfaction or concerns. Christine cares deeply about your concerns and wishes to ensure that all patients receive excellent service. She'll do her best to make your experience exceptional.


Joan McFadden, MD:

Gregory Swan, DO:

Meghan Belamorich, MD:

Kathryn Hennessey, DO:

Melissa Bradley, CRNP:

Amy O'Grady, CRNP:

Pam Conner, CRNP:

Katherine Bertrand, CRNP:

Mariah Stehle, CRNP:

Anna Rose, CRNP:

Katie Smollon, CRNP:

Keisha Mason-DiProspero, CRNP:

Francesca Hector, CRNP:

Joanne Dinvil-O'Lay, CRNP:

Jenn Bowden, CRNP:

Kaydeon Guy, CRNP:

Erica Leddy, CRNP:

Kate Harlow, PA-C:

Dakota Schmidt, PA-C:


Other Matters

Please use our convenient Patient Portal for medical information, or our email contacts to get in touch about other matters.


(610) 363-0100 #209



(610) 363-0100 #315



(610) 363-0100 #215

Looking for test results?

Your provider will contact you directly with test results, either by phone or via our secure Patient Portal. Results can be discussed by phone, but to view your results directly, you must accept our invitation to join our online patient portal.


If you have not received a call or portal message with test results in the timeframe your provider estimated they would be available (usually 14 days), please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or portal and we will investigate any results that may be in the queue to be sent to you. Note: we cannot discuss test results via email.

Meet Our Neighbors:

Healthy Steps Pediatrics



We share our 750 office with Chester County's premier pediatric practice. Together, Dr. Serkes, Dr. John and Dr. Meyer have over 40 years of combined experience in pediatrics.


Call Healthy Steps:  (610) 363-7837


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