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Miserable. Dangerous. Contagious.

Together we can stop flu

before it starts.

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Flu 2022 Situation Update
Last updated September 9, 2022

Oof. It would be a terrible time to come down with the flu. 


Think about it – things are opening again. Fall festivals are back on the schedule. Kids are back to school, and their parents are back to the office (at least, some of the time). We've gotten basic COVID-19 precautions down-pat, and many of us will be freshly boosted soon.


It would SUCK to let the flu rain on this parade.


Getting back to social interaction means that the flu shot will be critical this year. If Australia's ending flu season is any indication, it is going to be a doozy of a flu season here. 


The shot will help protect you, but also those around you who are unprepared to fight flu (babies, the elderly, the immunocompromised). Perhaps most importantly, the shot will make a case of flu so much more bearable should you happen to catch it.


Besides that, COVID-19 is very much still around. Fortunately, thanks to vaccines and treatments, for most of us, COVID-19 is not life-threatening. However, "Flurona" (flu and COVID-19 at the same time) would really be unpleasant.


EVERY individual has to make the right choices to keep flu at bay this year:

  • Stay home if ill.

  • Maintain good handwashing practices.

  • Get a flu vaccine.


Your flu vaccine can be given along with any other vaccine including the COVID-19 bivalent booster, and the Shingles vaccine (everyone over 50 should have this). Call our office or text to book today.


We're so glad.

Patients should call or text the office to schedule an appointment. Flu shots take about 10 minutes.

Isn't it too early?
This year, since the flu season is starting early, it is expected to ease up earlier. We have had some later flu seasons in years past. However, the southern hemisphere's experience so far does not at all indicate that. Once there are flu cases, flu season has begun and the sooner you are vaccinated, the better.


If you think you don't have time for your flu shot (10 minutes), you definitely don't have time for the flu. Current CDC recommendations have you staying home for 4-5 days. Can you afford that time? 

Call us today. Get the shot.


(484) 729-9528
Text messaging is not fully secure and standard rates apply.
or call
(610) 363-0100
Christine Meyer, MD

Every year, I encounter dozens of patients who refuse a flu shot. In my career I've been able to successfully refute nearly every anti-flu shot argument using science, which often leads to a change of heart. Not always, but often.

Click through these slides to see some of the most common questions and rationales I hear for not getting the shot. If you're still not convinced, let's talk some more. I'm always eager to listen, learn, and try to ease your fears. I care about your beliefs, and I care about talking through them. The shot is the right thing to do, and it saves lives. You have the power to save lives. No matter what you believe, I believe in you.

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