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make a change?

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Our patients have the best intentions for self-care, nutrition, and weight control. But after delivering the news of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity and related conditions at appointment after appointment, we knew that good intentions weren’t enough to change a person’s health outlook. And we couldn’t let one more patient leave the exam room without options.


So we teamed up with a local expert in nutrition, metabolism and exercise, and designed a medically supervised weight loss program that patients can subscribe to, eight weeks at a time.* Patients who are looking to manage their weight, improve their nutrition, and jump-start a healthy lifestyle will find the direction and support they need to implement an effective program that’s right for their body needs. Professional expertise will guide and amplify regular activity and healthy eating for weight loss. And with this powerful combination, we’ll help more patients make real, proactive progress. 

*Limited space available; first-come, first served.


An exciting partnership of

Christine Meyer, MD and Associates

and Kathleen Ruggeri


"This has been a very effective program for me. In 2 ½ months I’ve lost nearly 25 pounds and this included the holiday season! My body fat is down and muscle mass is up. Kathleen came up with an approach for us that took into account our food and workout preferences. The regular visits to discuss progress and make adjustments if needed included a weigh-in and created a high level of accountability that I found very motivating. The balanced focus on diet and activity makes a lot of sense to me and I think is what is necessary to sustain the healthier life style over time. Finally, it was also important to me that my primary care physician was involved so I was delighted that this program and Kathleen are a part of Christine Meyer’s practice."


Watch the

Christine and Kathleen introduce Pro+Active

What's included in

Pro+Active Fitness & Wellness

On the Scales

Fitness and wellness are about more than fitting into jeans (but yeah, we'll work on that, too). With a physician guiding your goals for blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and more, you'll know that you're improving your health from the inside out. And with a nutrition and fitness expert guiding your meals and workouts, you'll stop guessing at what's right for you, and start making progress.   


Kathleen Ruggeri

Nutrition and Fitness Expert

"What you'll experience with me is driven, caring coaching that finally helps you make progress toward your goals. I'm probably the only person in the world who wants this for you as much as you do!"


Christine Meyer, MD and Team

Internal Medicine

"We know that weight control is as important to your health as any other illness, and fitness is as important as any prescription – so let's treat them that way."

Medically supervised plan

approved by your provider


Baseline Pre-Screening

for health concerns


Customized Meal Plan

developed to meet your  unique needs


Intake Meeting

to analyze current habits and set goals

Driven, caring coaching      

through a customized plan designed by a fitness and nutrition expert



with 1:1 weekly meetings including weight checks and once-monthly measurements


Step-down support

for affordable, long-lasting change and maintenance

"Kathleen is a friend, mentor and nutrition coach who has put me back on track on my healthy journey. She came highly recommended by my physician to help me understand what was happening to my menopausal body and take corrective measures to fix my health. She was a patient listener who devised an 8-week plan accommodating my dietary restrictions. She educated me with various articles on health, how to understand ingredients and the way they function in a simple meal, how they would affect my metabolism, and hence have an impact on my health. She helped me with delicious recipes that were rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. I saw quick results after the first week. I started losing weight pound by pound but more importantly, I noticed an increase in my muscle mass. I struggled with gaining muscle prior to meeting Kathleen. Meeting with her every week was an exciting and important step in the right direction for me, both physically and mentally. She taught me to listen to my body and feed it accordingly. I feel an increase of energy in my day to day activities and my clothes fit very well. I am grateful for the supportive environment that Kathleen provided in order for me to undergo this transformation, which allows me enjoy a healthier and happier life."


Cooking Eggs

“I am so thankful to Kathleen Ruggeri and Dr. Meyer for starting this Pro+Active program. It has really worked wonders for me. With the variety of food options and exercise program that was tailored to me, I have not only lost 25 pounds in 4 months, but my total cholesterol dropped from 203 to 167! I have so much more energy and just feel so much better!! Kathleen is a terrific coach who genuinely cares for her clients. She makes it fun and she makes you feel like you “can” and you “will” succeed if you are dedicated to changing your health and your life for the better!”


Eight weeks at a time, we'll set you up with:

  • a flexible meal plan customized to your nutritional needs with input from your medical provider;

  • exercise guidance, as appropriate;

  • measurements to establish your baseline and demonstrate your progress; and

  • one-on-one coaching to stay motivated and on track!


There are no shakes, no supplements, and we're not selling any products – it's just us, and you, and your will power.


Take the first step:

Launch Pro+Active • 1 Hour • $149

This initial consultation with Kathleen to explore the program, your challenges, and see if Pro+Active is a good fit. Consultation fee is applied to a full program if enrolled within 10 days.

GET Pro+Active • 8 weeks • $749

Make a change with an 8-week initial commitment. Includes:

  • Baseline pre-screening to review measurements, health conditions, dietary needs, and may include bloodwork

  • Intake consultation with Kathleen Ruggeri, Dietician

  • Customized meal plan with recipes and grocery lists ($90 value)

  • Weekly, 1:1 conferences with Kathleen to learn and discuss a new nutrition plan, fitness recommendations, and provide accountability on progress and goals

  • Option for a vibrational platform workout during in-person check-ins, to passively burn calories while you talk with Kathleen!

  • Accountability checkpoints with weigh-ins, measurements, and new bloodwork if requested by provider

Commit to change:

Noticeable weight change usually requires 12-16 weeks. A commitment to a longer program may improve results.* 

BE Pro+Active • 16 weeks • $1,399

Extend your GET Pro+Active program for a little extra time to settle into your new lifestyle and reach your initial weight goals.

STAY Pro+Active • 6 months • $1,750

Sign up for a 6 month program to make Kathleen's coaching a fixture in your life and sustain your good habits and accountability.

$9 a day!

LIVE Pro+Active • 12 months • $3,199

Commit to a full year of Pro+Active coaching for long-lasting results.

$8.76 a day!

Pro+Active Touchpoints • $50 per session

Ready to step down from coaching, but still want to check in with Kathleen once a week for accountability? Add on a Touchpoint to connect with Kathleen for additional check-ins after an 8-week plan purchase.

Pro+Active Texts • 8 weeks • $350

Want to check in with Kathleen once a week for accountability? Add on 8 weeks of text check-ins! Text with Kathleen once a week to share weigh-ins and achievements. Does not include continued meal planning, coaching, or meetings (see Touchpoints).

Exercise Tune-Up • $99

Have you hit a weight loss plateau? Want to incorporate smarter exercise into your active lifestyle? Add on a 30-minute exercise tune-up session to learn new workouts with Kathleen that can help you. Available only with or after an 8-week plan purchase.

Yes! You can often use HSA funds for the Pro+Active program. Check with your insurance provider for details.

* Results vary greatly and are not guaranteed.


Ready to 

make a change?

10 simple questions

and Kathleen will get in touch to discuss if Pro+Active is right for you

Or, email us directly with questions:

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