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Our patients have the best intentions for self-care, nutrition, and weight control. But after delivering the news of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity and related conditions at appointment after appointment, we knew that good intentions weren’t enough to change a person’s health outlook. And we couldn’t let one more patient leave the exam room without options.


So we teamed up with a local expert in nutrition, metabolism and exercise, and designed a medically supervised weight loss program that patients can subscribe to, eight weeks at a time.* Patients who are looking to manage their weight, improve their nutrition, and jump-start a healthy lifestyle will find the direction and support they need to implement an effective program that’s right for their body needs. Professional expertise will guide and amplify regular activity and healthy eating for weight loss. And with this powerful combination, we’ll help more patients make real, proactive progress. 

*Limited space available; first-come, first served.


An exciting new partnership of

Christine Meyer, MD and Associates

and Kathleen Ruggeri


"This has been a very effective program for me. In 2 ½ months I’ve lost nearly 25 pounds and this included the holiday season! My body fat is down and muscle mass is up. Kathleen came up with an approach for us that took into account our food and workout preferences. The regular visits to discuss progress and make adjustments if needed included a weigh-in and created a high level of accountability that I found very motivating. The balanced focus on diet and activity makes a lot of sense to me and I think is what is necessary to sustain the healthier life style over time. Finally, it was also important to me that my primary care physician was involved so I was delighted that this program and Kathleen are a part of Christine Meyer’s practice."


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Christine and Kathleen introduce Pro+Active

What's included in

Pro+Active Fitness & Wellness

On the Scales

Fitness and wellness are about more than fitting into jeans (but yeah, we'll work on that, too). With a physician guiding your goals for blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and more, you'll know that you're improving your health from the inside out. And with a nutrition and fitness expert guiding your meals and workouts, you'll stop guessing at what's right for you, and start making progress.   


Kathleen Ruggeri

Nutrition and Fitness Expert

"What you'll experience with me is driven, caring coaching that finally helps you make progress toward your goals. I'm probably the only person in the world who wants this for you as much as you do!"


Christine Meyer, MD and Team

Internal Medicine

"We know that weight control is as important to your health as any other illness, and fitness is as important as any prescription – so let's treat them that way."

Cooking Eggs

Eight weeks at a time, we'll set you up with:

  • a flexible meal plan customized to your nutritional needs with input from your medical provider,

  • an exercise program (with add-on ACAC gym membership if desired!),

  • measurements to establish your baseline and demonstrate your progress, and

  • much more!


There are no shakes, no supplements, and we're not selling any products – it's just us, and you, and your will power.

Medically supervised plan

overseen by your provider


Baseline Pre-Screening

for health concerns


Customized Meal Plan

developed to meet your  unique needs


Intake Meeting

to analyze current habits and set goals


Group Workshop

once per month to learn new workouts, recipes, and meet others

Optional Add-On Membership

to ACAC, a premier gym with two convenient locations for exercise and guided classes

Driven, caring coaching      

through a customized workout plan designed by a fitness expert


Workout accountability         

with 1:1 weekly meetings including weight checks and once-monthly measurements


Step-down support

for affordable, long-lasting change and maintenance

“I am so thankful to Kathleen Ruggeri and Dr. Meyer for starting this Pro+Active program. It has really worked wonders for me. With the variety of food options and exercise program that was tailored to me, I have not only lost 25 pounds in 4 months, but my total cholesterol dropped from 203 to 167! I have so much more energy and just feel so much better!! Kathleen is a terrific coach who genuinely cares for her clients. She makes it fun and she makes you feel like you “can” and you “will” succeed if you are dedicated to changing your health and your life for the better!”



Ready to 

make a change?

10 simple questions

and Kathleen will get in touch to discuss if Pro+Active is right for you

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