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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an internal medicine doctor?

A doctor that has spent a full three-year residency learning the complexities of adult medical care is called an "internal medicine doctor". This includes appropriate preventative guidelines as well as management of complex medical problems with many medications. Think of it as an adult care specialist.


What are Nurse Practitioners and Physician's Assistants?

These providers are independent practitioners who are employed by and work under the supervision of a physician. They are able to order tests, prescribe treatment and more. Dr. Meyer and our other MD providers are available to them at any time for consultation.


How long will it take to get my results?

If your provider orders a test or lab work, expect to hear your results within 14 days. If results are normal, you will get an email or portal message with specifics. If you would like to see your actual test result, you must accept our invitation to join the patient portal. If anything is out of range, expect a phone call (usually from our labs and results manager) with results that were abnormal and further instructions. If you don’t get a letter or call, please do call us. We are also more than happy to clarify any questions. Simply leave a message with the office that you would like to speak to your practitioner, or send us a patient portal message.


How can I reach the providers after hours?

Please call the office FIRST. A recording will give you the on-call provider's cell number. Feel free to call or text that person directly. 


What happens when my doctor is on vacation?

Our practitioners try to coordinate their schedules so that only one of us is ever away at any given time. The office is fully staffed and functional even if one of the practitioners is away. Using our care team approach, someone working closely with your provider may fill in to handle results or refills in your provider's absence.


Should I fast for my physical?

If your physical is in the morning, we can generally do your blood work the same day. In this case, a 10-hour fast is helpful. For late day physicals, don’t fast; we will simply order your blood work separately. 


Is there an extra charge for having blood drawn at the office?

If you are having a visit and getting blood drawn, there is not an additional fee. 


Which insurance plans do you accept?

We accept all major insurances including Medicare, Aetna HMO, PPO, Keystone 65 and Health Plan East, Tricare, Personal Choice, Cigna, United Health Care and many others. We DO NOT accept any Medicaid plans at this time. 


What is the Medicare Chronic Care Management Program?
This program (CCM) allows your chosen primary-care doctor to develop a treatment plan based on your medical conditions. Now, we are able to discuss results with patients via phone or email as well as communicate with specialists to coordinate care. Medicare will reimburse us up to $40 per month for this service provided. Patients are only responsible for what Medicare does NOT cover (deductibles/copayments apply), if they do not have a secondary insurance. Please speak to your provider about this program.

What is the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit?
The Medicare Annual Wellness Visit is a covered well-exam. At Christine Meyer, MD & Associates, we will perform a complete screening and review all of the necessary surveys as required by Medicare. This visit is a great screening tool and we encourage all of our patients to schedule it annually.


Do you take cash paying/uninsured Patients?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash-paying patients. The reason for this has nothing to do with payment for the office visit but has everything to do with quality of care. It is a policy best explained by a true story. 


A few years ago, Dr. Meyer was seeing a cash-paying patient who came in dutifully for his visits. On one occasion, Dr. Meyer felt it necessary to order a Chest X-ray, which the patient did get. When it showed a suspicious area, the patient was advised to get a CAT Scan of the chest. He chose not to, stating that he could not afford the study. Ultimately, this patient died of lung cancer. We feel strongly that had he been established in a clinic or setting for uninsured patients, he would have had the resources necessary to get ALL of the studies recommended.


If I leave the practice, can I return? 
If you leave the practice due to move or insurance change, we will welcome you back. If, however, you leave because of dissatisfaction or dismissal, we cannot accept your return as a patient. We feel in these situations that the doctor-patient relationship is compromised and ongoing objectivity is impossible to maintain. We encourage you to consider seeing an alternate provider within our practice should you feel the need to make a change. 

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