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Diabetes Education

for CMMD Patients

In-House Diabetes Support
"I am privileged to be a resource for CMMD patients to overcome their challenges with diabetes. From personal experience, I know that managing blood sugar involves many variables: food, exercise, medicine, and emotion. It will take knowledge and support to reach blood sugar goals and decrease your risk for serious complications – and that's why I'm here."

Tracy Blitzer is our in-house Diabetes Education Coordinator, working directly with Type 2 patients in person, by phone, or in Zoom.


Tracy works with patients who are:

  • Newly diagnosed and needing instruction on injection or blood sugar monitoring

  • Hesitant to participate in diabetes education programming in a group setting, for a variety of reasons

  • Pre-diabetic or concerned about their numbers

  • Struggling with their diabetes self-management and could benefit from one-on-one support focused on their greatest challenges


Tracy provides resources, referrals and recommendations to help patients make a plan for the seven aspects of diabetic management:

  • Healthy Eating: Building a healthy plate, carb counting, nutrition labels, meal planning, and individualized carbohydrate-per-day targets

  • Being Active: Adding activity to everyday activities, setting goals, adding strength & stretching

  • Monitoring: Blood testing technique and supplies to increase comfort, identifying meaningful patterns from the numbers, setting targets, and the benefits of CGM if appropriate

  • Medications: Injection techniques, taking medicines correctly, minimizing side effects, and controlling costs

  • Problem Solving: Sick days, vacation time, insurance issues, and managing the cost of medications/supplies

  • Reducing Risk: Strategies to reduce complications, including staying up-to-date on all provider recommended testing, vaccines, and dilated eye exams

  • Healthy Coping: Discussing ways to cope with the stress of daily diabetes management

Tracy can connect patients to important resources, such as:

  • Chester County Hospital Diabetes Education program and classes

  • NDPP (National Diabetes Prevention Program)

  • Remote Patient Glucose Monitoring

  • Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring

  • Pro+Active with Kathleen Ruggerio, RD

  • Registered Dieticians

  • Recommended Websites and Apps

If you're struggling to manage your Type 2 diabetes, call our office at 610-363-0100 to request a consultation with Tracy, or send your provider a portal message for a referral to meet with Tracy.


Stress & Mindless Eating WATCH NOW >

Recorded February 2023 • Online in Zoom

Featuring Becky Wojcik, MA, RDN, LDN, RYT

Downingtown/Kennett Nutrition & Weight Management Centers 


If you're struggling to manage your Type II diabetes, ​our team can help. Call our office to request a consultation with Tracy, or send your provider a portal message for a referral to meet with Tracy.




Chester County Hospital National Diabetes Prevention Program: HALT Diabetes (FREE)

Check the CCH website for latest offerings and news >


Are you a Type I diabetic?

Type I and Type II diabetes are vastly different. While Type II patients may be on different stages of their diabetes journey, generally the same techniques and strategies will improve all patients' numbers and control their diabetes. Type I patients need more specific care and medication plans that are unique to each and every patient. If you are Type I, you should be on a specific treatment plan designed with your provider. If you have questions about those specifics or are finding that your disease is not under control, send your provider a portal message today.

Meal Planning & Carb Counting for Diabetics WATCH NOW >

Recorded September 2022 • Online in Zoom

Featuring Jen Barr, MPH, CDCES, RDN, LDN

Owner, Downingtown/Kennett Nutrition & Weight Management Centers 

What's on Your Plate? Cutting Calories Without Cutting Nutrition WATCH NOW >

Recorded April 2022 • Online in Zoom

Featuring Jen Barr, MPH, CDCES, RDN, LDN

Owner, Downingtown/Kennett Nutrition & Weight Management Centers 

Get Moving: Physical Activity as your Diabetes Ally WATCH NOW >

Recorded May 2022 • Online in Zoom

Featuring Kathleen Ruggeri, Fitness & Nutrition Expert

CMMD & Associates Pro+Active Program

Emotional Eating: Coping with Kindness WATCH NOW >

Recorded June 2022 • Online in Zoom

Featuring Becky Wojcik, 

Downingtown/Kennett Nutrition & Weight Management Centers 


Watch Online:

Type 2 Night


A ZOOM Video-Conference

Held November 9, 2020

It's more important than ever to understand your medical options, important screenings, fitness and nutrition solutions, and lifestyle changes to manage your disease. Join us for this virtual session with local experts and your CMMD team as we support your diabetes journey! Free to attend or watch; Type 2, pre-diabetic, and caregivers welcome.



6:00-6:10PM Christine Meyer, MD: Opening Remarks and Medical Update

6:10-6:30PM Dr. Kevin Shinal, Cardologist at Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia: Reducing diabetic cardiovascular risk

6:30-6:50PM Dr. Mudgil of Mudgil Eye Associates: Diabetic eye care and retinopathy


6:50-7:20PM Tracy Blitzer, Kathleen Ruggeri, CMMD & Associates: Fitness & Nutrition Q&A featuring answers to your questions about diet and exercise for blood control management

7:20PM Closing Remarks & Raffle Drawing

This program took place online in Zoom.

For details on accessing Zoom, visit our telemedicine page >

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