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Judy Platt



"My job is to make navigating the healthcare system easier for our patients. Whether it is scheduling a STAT test, facilitating an appointment with a sought-after specialist, obtaining urgent test results,  or simply checking in to see how someone is doing - by taking the burden off of the patient, they can focus on getting better."

About Judy



Judy Platt has been with Christine since December 13, 2004—the day the office first opened. For three years, it was just the two of them. Judy triaged patients, got them ready for their visits, and even rearranged the plants while waiting for the phone to ring.

While those simpler times will be cherished, the growth and success of Christine Meyer, MD & Associates has to be, at least in part, credited to Judy and her tireless and compassionate work for our patients.

Contacting Judy

Judy is able to assist with all aspects of patient care, from triage matters to coordinating complex needs, specialists, and medication questions.

To reach Judy, patients can call the office or text the front desk to have a message relayed. For non-medical matters, Judy's email address may be used; note that for security purposes we do not communicate medical information via email.

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