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Meyer's animated account of her successful efforts exemplifies how one woman imbued with infectious zeal can make a difference.



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The Longest Mile Book

Have you ever received news so terrible, it knocked the wind out of you?

In 2012, Dr. Christine Meyer did. It was New Year's Eve, and cancer was winning in her medical practice. Just when she thought she couldn't take another devastating diagnosis, cancer came closer than ever. It struck her lifelong friend and medical mentor – her aunt.


She had to do something.


In the course of their lifetime, one out of two men and one out of three women will be diagnosed with cancer. Many of us watch in desperation as our friends and loved ones fight for their lives. Dr. Christine Meyer decided to embark on a quest for hope — and through happenstance and love, a team of runners emerged that empowered a community to make a difference. Along the way, Meyer learned that the true measure of a doctor’s success is not the number of lives saved, but the number of lives touched.



"Your darkest moment

could be your greatest moment."




April 12, 2016



250 pages | $16.95

Published by She Writes Press

Cover Photo courtesy of Jamie Stanek

Author Photo courtesy of Laura A. Mikowychok

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