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Covid 19


The COVID-19 Vaccine
The COVID-19 Vaccine

This page was last updated on June 21, 2021.

The vaccine is an essential tool in the fight to end the global Coronavirus pandemic. The information below reflects our current recommendations based on our understanding of eligibility, effectiveness, risk factors, and the process to get your shot. Please note that as a rapidly evolving situation, this information may change. Contact your provider if you have questions specific to your status or health.

Our Site Status:

CMMD and Associates is a COVID-19 vaccination site. 

Contact Us to Book Your Shot: (610) 363-0100

Shots will be administered to patients and non-patients by appointment only and while supplies last. Insurance information is requested but if you are uninsured, the vaccine will be no cost to you.

At this time we are administering the Moderna and Pfizer brands only, to people ages 18 and up. If you have received one dose somewhere else, you may sign up to receive your second dose from us.


Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time, and be prepared to wait 15 to 30 minutes after for allergy/reaction observation (15 minutes if you have no prior allergic history, 30 minutes if you've had an allergic reaction to any medications in the past). For this reason, while your shot may only take 5 minutes to administer, please plan for your total appointment to be up to 45 minutes.

Please do not plan to receive a vaccine shot at our office if you come for a scheduled appointment. Due to the extreme precision of vaccine defrosting, handling, and expiration, we will not be piercing vials during the day for individual patients and risking any left-over doses going to waste. Please book a shot at our clinics. Thank you for your understanding!

Other Vaccine Opportunities

The Chester County Health Department has the latest information on eligibility, local rates of vaccination, and is offering several vaccine clinics. Visit their website for details.

Local pharmacies including Wegmans, CVS and Rite Aid are now offering appointments for vaccines on their websites. If you need assistance, or can offer assistance to someone else in booking an appointment online, considering joining the PA COVID Vaccine Matchmaker Facebook Group here.

If you have been seen at one of the three local health systems (Main Line Health, Penn Medicine, or Tower/Brandywine) it is important that you activate/sign up for the patient portal they use. They'll use that system to notify you when you are eligible for the vaccine. Click here to sign up for our portal >

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