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If you're at war with your weight,
you need a secret weapon.


with Dr. Christine Meyer




"For over 20 years, I've watched patients struggle, sweat, meditate, deprive themselves, you name it, to battle obesity. But success here is not a matter of willpower – it's a matter of science. These medications are, quite simply, life-changing."

If you are struggling with obesity (BMI >30) or are overweight (BMI >27), dieting, exercise, and health coaching may not be enough to shed the extra pounds you're carrying. Obesity is a disease, and obesity-related medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, and much more can plague your everyday activities and keep you from feeling your best.

You deserve a boost.

New medications are available that, when paired with a healthy diet and exercise plan, can help you lose weight and keep it off. Christine Meyer, MD's weight management program begins with a 1:1 consultation to determine the right medication for your needs, and provides sustained check-ins to ensure you are on track to reach and maintain your goals.

YOU HAVE options.

 You have options to tackle your weight loss barriers with medication. Dr. Meyer will evaluate your medical history and make recommendations.



About the Program

1. Consultation

Enrollment in CMMD Reset begins with a 20-minute private consultation to determine the appropriateness of medication for your weight loss and options for coverage of the cost of medication. Your initial consultation with Dr. Christine Meyer will include a review of:

Cost and coverage options
Your medical history

Dr. Meyer will review your relevant conditions, medications you're taking, and surgical histories.

Dr. Meyer will review coupons and other financial options for these medications.

Your bloodwork
Lifestyle discussion

Optional but helpful, Dr. Meyer may review your most recent lab work to determine if a diagnosis of prediabetes is appropriate (may be required for insurance coverage).

Medications are meant to be coupled with other lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. Dr. Meyer will review your plan for a healthy lifestyle that will support your goals.

2. Medication Program & Check-Ins


If the program is a good fit, a medication treatment plan will be designed. Once your medication is approved by your insurance, you will complete daily weight checks to digitally send Dr. Meyer your weight. Patients will have monthly, 15-minute Zoom check-ins with Dr. Meyer at $75 per check-in to review their food log (using MyFitnessPal or an equivalent tracking app), exercise plan, weight readings, side effects, and other aspects of your progress. The weight check-ins will continue for a minimum of one year.


Watch the Webinar

In February 2022, Dr. Meyer met with interested program participants to describe the basics of GLP-1 medications. Start here for an overview of the program, or to familiarize yourself with the medications and maximize your initial consultation time. Watch now >


Please read the information below before reserving a consultation time with Dr. Meyer.

Not everyone is eligible to take a weight management medication. We have created a short quiz (linked below, and presented to you before booking), which will help you determine your medical eligibility for the CMMD Reset program before booking your consultation. Financial eligibility is also necessary, but this is determined after your medical consultation with Dr. Meyer.

Your consultation fee of $300 is collected whether or not you are financially able to proceed with treatment. The initial consultation fee covers Dr. Meyer's medical assessment and efforts to secure coverage and affordability of medications for you. Should an affordable medication plan be unavailable to you, your consultation fee is non-refundable but will be applied to a 60-minute Pro+Active program consultation with Kathleen Ruggeri, fitness and nutrition expert for Christine Meyer, MD and Associates. This consultation will review non-medication-based options for safe and healthy weight control.

Patients must understand that:

  • After achieving a target weight, many patients will need to stay on these medications for maintenance in some fashion.

  • Insurance plans that cover these medications only do so AFTER the patient's deductible is spent. This can be considerably high for some. With a coupon, medications usually are $25/month.

  • The medications that Dr. Meyer may prescribe for you only work when used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet and an exercise plan. Studies of the medicines' effectiveness included a 500Kcal daily deficit for participating patients. All patients must attest to a formal diet or exercise plan that will run concurrently with their medication regimen and at their own expense, as applicable. Dr. Meyer can suggest fitness and nutrition plans, or patients can choose an approach that they prefer.

  • Patients are expected to be enrolled in Dr. Meyer's program for one year at minimum. This is based on the STEP 1 trial for the GLP-1 medications in use (participants were enrolled for 68 weeks). Monthly check-ins are $75 each. In total, the program cost will be at least $1,200 (initial consultation and 12 monthly check-ins), not including the medication costs and other exercise or nutrition plans. This cost is spread out over the course of the year.

  • Any appointment bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time will not receive a refund of fees. All other cancellations will be charged a $35 cancellation fee.

  • All medications have risks/side effects, which Dr. Meyer will review at your consultation. However, patients take these medications at their own risk and should consult with their doctor. Further terms and conditions apply.

  • Bloodwork/labs may be necessary to determine a patients medical eligibility, and/or to support documentation for an insurance provider.

  • Results vary by patient and are not guaranteed.

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