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Shingrix Vaccine Back-Ordered Indefinitely

The new shingles vaccine Shingrix is a far-superior vaccine (97% effective) compared to the old vaccine (60%). It is recombinant, not live, so there are no restrictions in terms of immunosuppression. You can read more about Shingrix at the CDC's website here:

UPDATE as of November 15, 2018: There is presently a global shortage of Shingrix. We are now back-ordered and are keeping a waiting list; we can let you know as soon as the vaccine becomes available, but we have not been given an arrival date. As of now our Shingrix vaccines are on hold indefinitely.

Please note that Medicare does not cover this vaccine, nor does secondary Medicare coverage. However, if you have a commercial plan we are finding it is almost always covered. The CPT code is 90750; provide this code to your insurance company and they can tell you if it is covered. If not covered, it is $175 per dose, and it is a two-dose vaccine. The second dose must be given within 2-6 months of the first, or the patient will have to start all over again with dose #1, at their expense. A few frequently-asked questions:

  • Who should get the vaccine? Anyone ages 50 and up, and those at a higher risk for shingles (immunosuppressed, or if they have had chicken pox) should consider getting the vaccine.

  • Should I get Shingrix if I've already had the old vaccine? Yes. Shingrix is far more effective and you can get it even if you have had the old vaccine.

  • Should I get Shingrix if I've already had Shingles? Yes. It can reduce your risk of having another bout of the painful condition.

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