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Two hours, 103 patients, and 113 questions later, I am beyond impressed with my patient community — the way you are handling, coping, managing, sanitizing, laughing, caring, and healing your way through COVID-19. Thank you for logging on on April 23 for our live Zoom Q&A on all things COVID-19 and particularly antibody testing. You shared your fears, questions, and concerns - and also your love, stories, and support. We are in this together. Thank you!

Below is a recording of the two-hour Q&A session. While we cannot transcribe every answer verbatim, we've listed the questions below and some timestamps so that you can skim the questions and fast-forward using the sliding playback bar to find answers you're looking for. For everything else, call us! We're happy to answer questions individually at a telemedicine appointment 7 days a week.

Be safe out there.


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April 23, 2020 Live Zoom Q&A with Dr. Christine Meyer

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What precautions are most important to take after bringing groceries into our house?

Are there any cases in which patients contracted COVID-19 WITHOUT having contact with people? We are confused by the conflicting information about how/if to disinfect home delivered groceries or takeout food.

I am a healthy 74 year old woman. I have been following all guidelines for the last 40 days. Is is safe for me to give blood to the Red Cross? I have an appointment but am feeling nervous about it. As a note I have given blood many times and am o positive. I know they need my blood. Barbara Dallara

I am having a lot of bad dreams and nightmares. Is this normal?

Looking for updates on Covid-19 and treated Hypertension (particularly Losartin)...potentially able to stay steady without it...what is the science saying?

Should people with asthma be taking extra precautions to avoid getting the virus? Does the severity of your asthma increase your risk if you do get the disease?

Hi! I am a patient of the practice. I am a menopausal woman - on and off sweats - with allergies and asthma (and epilepsy). I have been struggling with when it is just my allergies/asthma bothering me. And is there anything I can do further precaution-wise (besides isolating w/ immediate family, handwashing, sanitizing). Thank you!!

Two part question: 1. If you have a high risk child in your household and you have not entered any establishment outside your home since March 14, should you still consider getting an antibody test? Or would that be too risky to go anywhere to obtain a test?

2. Have you heard of more high risk people who are contracting COVID-19, or does it seem to be spreading through all age and risk groups equally?

How soon should you (if at all) have an antibody test if you, have not been sick and are not an essential worker?

Does having an autoimmune disease like Celiac disease put you in a higher risk category

We've been hearing about nursing homes and long term care facilities having a rough time. What is the situation in our local facilities?

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(in the playback slider, not the running clock shown on the video)

How long should we expect for a call back if we called yesterday for an appointment for possible covid antibody testing?