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Miss a Q&A? Watch the Recording

Below is a recording of our latest Q&A session on May 20, 2020. While we cannot transcribe every answer verbatim, we've listed the questions below so that you can skim the questions and fast-forward using the sliding playback bar to find answers you're looking for. For everything else, call us! We're happy to answer questions individually at a telemedicine appointment 7 days a week.

Be safe out there.


May 20, 2020 Live Zoom Q&A with Dr. Christine Meyer

Hi! my dad and step mom both had antibody tests that came back positive! (they r in NJ) is it safe for them and us to visit with each other now?

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to do another Zoom chat! I have a question about masks. People are starting to say that they don’t need masks because they don’t think they are effective. As someone with a high risk child, I would not feel comfortable bringing my son into public without others wearing masks. We have been to CHOP twice now and mask wearing is enforced there. Is there a reason why people would believe masks are ineffective or unnecessary? What are your thoughts about masks and how long do you foresee them being used?

also, are you of the opinion that it is likely that everyone will get the virus at some point but the measures we are taking now are really just to slow the rate for health care providers and hospitals to be able to accommodate people?

Hi! Thanks for doing this! I’ve read about new studies saying that this virus should be treated differently than initially thought (I.e., less ventilators and more with more anti-inflammatory and blood thinners.) Thoughts?

Is the general consensus that “everyone” is still going to get this virus? Or did the r-naught (sp?) get reduced enough that perhaps not as many people will become infected?

Is it ok to allow other families to use our pool when we aren't in it? Can the virus be transmitted via the pool?

What are your thoughts about dental hygienists returning to work?

My husband tested negative for antibodies a month ago. Should one of us test again soon to see if we were asymptomatic carriers since then?

We have been avoiding taking ibuprofen. If we don’t think we have been exposed or infected with COVID, should we feel comfortable taking ibuprofen for pain/illness. What are your thoughts about people taking ibuprofen? Is there still a relationship between COVID and negative effects by ibuprofen?

Hi there! I would like for my son and myself to be able to visit with/see my parents, my in-laws and his (school aged) cousins once we move to the "yellow" phase. What would you recommend as the safest/healthiest way to do so?

What are your thoughts on mutation of this virus and is it possible that the severity could decrease as it mutates?

still ok to not wear masks when outside for walks, recreation?

Is it safe to fly from our area to other areas such as Florida?

my daughter is needing an expander. ive been putting it off for a year, and now her teeth are really bothering her because they are trying to come in and have no room…. is it ok for her to go to the orthodontist to get this started? (appt next week, but im nervous to have her go, but i dont wnat her in pain for a few more months)

What are your thoughts on outside youth sports returning- ie baseball?maybe not young but how about hs/college age?

You may have already answered this and I’d so I’m sorry! Should everyone get tested even if we don’t have symptoms? Can we just drive up to CVS or Rite Aid or do we need a script?

My son wants to go to senior week in OC Md? Starts June 6. Thoughts??? I’m thinking it’s crazy but have other families saying their kid going? If other kids go- self quarantine for how long when return??

When you say visit; are you still saying 6 feet apart?

There is a push to open child care centers and camps to get folks back to work. It seems like a scary proposition. Is there any point at which you would feel safe sending a child to a group care setting (provided the group care setting was following all CDC recommendations).

What about sending our children to school?

Are asthmatic children considered “at-risk?”

Do you feel that all take out food is safe? What if it’s not hot foods that you can’t reheat in the oven? If an infected person without a mask prepares the food is there a risk?

Summer camp! School is out in two weeks. Are outside camps ok?

Is there any weight to the media reports of children in NY having other major issues caused by the virus?

Do you have any antibody testing results? Any from the county?

How about transfer of the virus from packages/groceries/delivered?

Any thoughts on going for an overnight sleep study for a pre-teen. It can’t be done at home. She currently has sleep apnea but no machine yet and needs this follow up test. We’re going on the second day the hospital reopens.

With the Sailors testing positive a second time, how can we figure out if this really is just a non contagious remnant or a new infection?

Can you speak to quarantine after someone comes back from a senior week?

Our family does plan to gather outside in the yellow phase as you mentioned would be ok. If all other precautions are taken (no one at risk or sick, handwashing, etc), can we hug one another?

family trip toOBX in Aug. there will be 16 people in one house. 10 adults 6 kids. all coming from different states. good idea or bad

how can our kids go to college in the fall? what do we need to see?

i called two days after you announced doing the antibody test with your patients…. and was given June 5th appointments…. is it still scheduling out that far or is scheduling opened up and i can come get it done sooner? (hubby is high risk and had been sick in February… so we are wondering)

I hear us leaning on the idea of getting the vaccine to the masses, however, it is my understanding that we might need a t-cell vaccine vs. an antibody vaccine. And, I understand that can be years in the making. For example, we still don’t have a HIV vaccine after 35 years. Might we be OK if we just fine more medicines that decrease the symptoms and fatality of the virus?

If person who had that virus, can they get it again this season?

My mother in law is coming back to PA from FL (been away since Jan) in a couple of days...she’s taking the auto-train can we see her outside this weekend?

Is it safe to go to our daughters home in NC to see them and the grandkids, ages 9&4. They have been to daycare and work this whole time...and haven't been sick.We would be staying in their home but on a different floor.

Change the Outer Banks discussion to the end of June rather than August. Same answer?

Do you feel there is a difference in risk getting takeout of hot vs cold food? I've been getting hot food and re-heating.

We have a second home in Charleston. We would like to travel there for the summer. Is safe to stop along the way for the bathrooms? Or even an overnight stay in a hotel?

What if you live alone? How to you balance being safe and being sane? I’d like to see people but feel uneasy!

When we wash reusable masks, do they need to be washed in hot water? Or can they be washed at any temperature as long as they are cleaned?

What are your thoughts on surface contamination?

Real quick if you have time: what about kids seeing their cousins? They can’t social distance

Is there a chance of testing for Covid too soon? Example my brother is in a group home, one of the other residents tested postive and was hospitalized, my brother was tested 2 days after the others hospitalization and was negative. Is there a chance he could be positive later (false negative)?

I've been very conservative, staying inside - only a few curbside pickups and outside to exercise by myself. My parents have done the same except they also have gone to doctors offices (both of them). Planning to visit them and socially distance. Thoughts on going in their house?

what are your thoughts on going to the beach

My parents are in their 80’s and will be with us in August for a beach vacation in Sea Isle it’s NJ. Is it something you think is safe enough to do? They have stayed with us from March 20 to this past weekend (May 16th) due to my Dad’s prolonged illness (pacemaker, thorocentesis , duodenal ulcer ). ... He was hospitalized at Penn State St. Joseph Hospital in Reading from Feb 27th - March 18

Thank you for doing this! I joined late so may have missed it - but do we expect home pool chlorine will help kill the virus?

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