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COVID-19 Zoom Q&A: Watch the Recording

Did you miss our December 10th Q&A? Watch the recording now:

A message from Christine Meyer, MD:

Thank you so much for joining us last night for our Zoom COVID-19 Q&A: Holiday Edition. Other than my husband exercising in the next room, my dog barking, and my attempts at humor (mostly related to bourbon, sorry) this opportunity to connect with you was truly awesome.

It was awesome because of the leaps forward we made, busting common myths about this virus and the vaccine.

It was awesome because of the determination I could FEEL in the room – the urgent desire to do the right thing, and to take our local hospital situation seriously (yeah, it's BAD out there).

It was also awesome because some folks made peace with the decisions they'll have to make in the coming holiday weeks. (No, it's NOT safe for your 10-year-old to gather with 10 friends from 10 households and exchange gifts – and you can tell them Dr. Meyer said so. I'll shoulder that blame all day long. I can take it.)

I shared last night that on Christmas Eve for my entire adult life, I've packed up the family and gone to my in-laws' house. To sleep over. On an air mattress. Yeah.

Every year, I begrudge this. "Can't we enjoy Christmas Eve night on a REAL bed?" Maybe you're with me - maybe you roll your eyes at the matching pajamas you have to wear, or the casserole Aunt So-and-So always makes that you have to force down.

Like so many families, we are skipping our sleepover and many other traditions this year. Our parents are getting older, yes. We don't know how many more years we have with them, no. But you know what? Next year? Will I celebrate that tiny, half-deflated air mattress like it's a Four Seasons 300-thread-count king-sized executive-suite bed? YES. I can't WAIT to lay down on that thing, and know I'm with the ones I love. The ones I protected this year.

If you take comfort in nothing else, try that: Maybe 2020 is a reset. A recalibration to what matters and what's important. What we rolled our eyes at just 12 months ago, is now something to look forward to, next Christmas.

Still, the sacrifices will be excruciating. The days will be sad. Be kind to yourself, get on that family Zoom call, and be at peace with it. We'll be back.

I am pleased to share the recording of our 2-hour webinar, where we covered over 140 questions from over 350 participants:

We covered topics in three general timeframes: • 6:00-6:30 The Holidays (travel, visits, activity risks) • 6:30-6:50 General COVID Questions (antibodies, treatments, symptoms) • 6:50-7:30 Vaccine (availability, eligibility, side effects, dosage, efficacy) • 7:30-8:00 Potpourri (symptoms, scenarios, general recommendations)

Please feel free to jump around within our recording to hear the information you need. And as always, if we didn't answer something or you have a specific scenario you need to discuss with your provider, reach out through the portal or at 610-363-0100.

See you soon. Stay safe out there.



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