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Listen Now: The Tell Me More Podcast is live!

I am so excited to announce the official launch of my new podcast, Tell Me More: Better Conversations in Healthcare on November 8, 2022.

In my field, we hear it all the time: “My doctor doesn’t listen.” Miscommunication between patients and their healthcare team can have a tremendous impact on patient trust AND their health. I have had thousands of conversations with patients — not all of them great. Join us as we explore the keys to restoring patient trust, creating a better patient experience, and improving healthcare outcomes simply by having better conversations.

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More importantly, if you have an idea for a show, wish to be a guest, or have feedback, please message me! I am always looking for new guests for the show, and can be reached by email at christine [at] Guests can be patients, caregivers, or medical providers with stories to share.

Thank you all for your support of my newest passion project.


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