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Referrals Policy Change for 2019

As of 1/1/2019, please be advised of some changes to our policy on patient referrals to specialists:

  • First, we ask that every patient have at least one visit per calendar year with us prior to seeing a specialist.

  • Second, before pursuing specialty care for a problem, we ask that you see one of our skilled providers first. Most times, we are able to evaluate, diagnose, and manage the problem in one visit. However, we also are very cognizant of our limitations and will not hesitate to refer you to a specialist should that be in your best interest.

Beginning in 2019, most patient insurance will charge much lower (or no) copays for primary care visits vs. specialists and ERs. So it is beneficial to patients from a cost standpoint to start here.

From the quality standpoint, at CMMD and Associates we are committed to the delivery of high-quality, value-based health care. We have spent the last 15 years carefully curating a list of specialists and services we would trust our families to. In order for you to benefit from this exhaustive research and experience, we ask that you schedule a visit here to discuss your specialty care with your primary care provider. If you have not yet seen us this year or specifically for this problem, please call today to schedule an appointment.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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