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July is Portal Month! Sign Up Now

In August 2019, we'll be discontinuing the use of email communication for medical matters, in favor of secure messages in our world-class Patient Portal.

Secure messages are a one-to-one direct line to your provider – you can ask questions about your care or your medications; see your tests, your results, your lab orders; discuss follow-ups, request referrals; and so much more. And you'll get an email when there's a portal message for you to read! What's more, all of this communication is stored in one secure place.

If you don't have a Portal account, you can request an access code to create your account today:

Here at the office, we'll be talking all-portal, all-the-time. We'll be helping every patient sign up for the portal when they call for an appointment or come to the office. You can also request a code online now to set up your own account. Will we answer medical emails in July? Yes! This is a transition month so you can gradually get used to the portal instead of email. After August 1, if we receive an email with medical information in it, we will respectfully move the conversation into the portal so we can continue to assist you. Are we stopping all email? No! Emails to give feedback, or discuss matters that do not include personal health information, are always welcome! Thank you for your help securing and improving our patient-doctor communications. I know it will be different at first. But I am confident that once you try messaging in the Portal, you'll see that our team is as accessible as ever. In fact, I wouldn't have it any other way. -Christine & Team

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