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NEW: Walk-In Sick Hours

At our practice, your health always comes first. This means listening and taking action to meet your needs.

This season, you and your family are facing flu, RSV, COVID, the common cold, and more, and we are committed to being your first call.

That's why we're piloting a CMMD first: Walk-In Hours!


CMMD Well On Your Way Walk-In Sick Visits Monday to Friday • 8:00am-11:30am • 676 Building Stop at CMMD's 676 office for a walk-in sick appointment, weekday mornings this fall. Make us your first stop for illness and get the diagnosis, prescriptions, and imaging appointments you need without waiting hours at an ER or Urgent Care. See the healthcare team you know and trust, right when you need us. Available for a limited time during the 2023 sick season, beginning September 5, 2023. Established patients only.


These first-come, first-served hours will get you the care you need to get on with your day and get well. We're calling it Well On Your Way. It's not for physicals, well visits, med checks or follow-ups – it's here for urgent sick needs, like those nights when you're up with abdominal pain; those mornings when you wake to a piercing migraine; those trips and falls, coughs and colds, and a dozen other things for which you might have spent hours waiting in the ER. We're here for you. No need to call. Just walk in.

After a season of Well On Your Way, we'll evaluate how it's going. We'll ask YOU if this service has been useful, and how it can be better. In the meantime, please be patient – this is brand new for us! There will be stumbling blocks. But we have our best team on this, and will work hard to make it as smooth as possible. We're excited to see how these hours help with the snottiest, sickest season of all – and in the race to get you through it, we'll continue to strive for first.

-Christine and Team


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